X-Site Challenge ’09 - Recognizing Excellence in Web Development is a competition for all UNITEN students to design and develop websites for COIT Student Development Council (CSDC). Apart from that, this competition aims to enhance students knowledge in developing attractive and user friendly websites.

Important Dates

Entry Information
- The competition is open to ALL UNITEN students (including the foundation and the final year students).

- Only 24 teams will be participating in the competition. It is first come, first serve basis. So, you are advised to register your team as soon as possible.

- The contesting team could contain 1 to 2 persons per team.

- Registered teams are required to pay RM20 as commitment fee on the briefing day. This amount will be refunded when they submit the website.

- Contestant(s) are required to register their team on 10 – 11 February 2009 at booth, COIT Lobby.

- The contestants are given 2 weeks ( 13 – 27 February 2009) to develop the website.

Winners of the contest will receive the following prizes:
First Prize: RM1500 cash + Certificates
Second Prize: RM800 cash + Certificates
Third Prize: RM500 cash + Certificates
5 Merit Winners: Hampers + Certificates

Note: Every contesting team will receive a certificate of participation.

Competition Rules
- The contestants are allowed to use ANY tool or software to develop the website.

- Every contesting team will receive a randomly picked theme (a committee/unit of College Student Development Council - CSDC). Below is the list of committees/units of CSDC:
- SDC-International Relations Unit
- SDC-Academic Competition Unit
- SDC-Student Advisor Unit
- SDC-Academic Development Unit
- SDC-Campus Survival Campus Revival Unit
- SDC-Student Career Development Unit
- Recreation & Sports Committee (R&SC)
- Industrial Training Committee (ITC)

- Contestants are not allowed to exchange their website theme with other contestants.

- The minimum content of the website will be provided (in CD form) to the contesting teams.

- Contestants are required to include all the information provided in the CD into the website.

- The contestants are allowed to contact the specific head or members of committee/unit of CSDC for further details.

- The website should atleast contain 5 web pages. Following is the list of pages expected in the website:

- The website MUST contain UNITEN logo.

- You are restricted to use original images in the website. Edited images are allowed as well.

- You are required to submit the completed website in CD/DVD form between 3-5pm on 27 February 2009 to Mr Jaspaljeet at his office (BW-2-C43). Submission after the specified period will not be accepted.

- You are advised to prepare backup CD/DVD for submission.

- Contestants are required to submit the finalized version of the website ONCE only. They are not allowed to retrieve their submission and resubmit during the submission period.

- Only the best website of each committee/unit of CSDC will be selected for presentation for the final judgment. You will be informed by email if your website is shortlisted.

- The criteria for judging the winning entries will include the following.Basic concept (0-10 rating system for each criteria) :
- Navigation
- User-friendliness
- Interface
- Maintainability
- Suitability

The Organizing Committee
The SDC - Academic Competition Commitee (ACU)
Jaspaljeet Singh s/o Ranjit Singh
Alan Cheah Kah Hoe
Azlan Bin Yusof
Mohammed Azlan Bin Mohamed Iqbal
Nazrita Bte Ibrahim
Salman Yussof
Uwe Heinz Rudi Dippel

For futher enquiry, please contact JaspaljeetSingh,

03-89212020 Ext 3329