So, here are my tutorial about how to change a favicon from blogspot.

Figure 1

Step 1

a. Open up your adobe photoshop and make a 1 new blank page set it to 64x64 (pixels)
b. Start to draw your own favicon. example: look my favicon (Figure 1)
c. Done in drawing? Orait, then save it as .gif

Step 2
a. Login to your blogspot account.
b. Go to, Layout > Edit HTML
c. Then search this code:
d. Find the image hosting website and start to upload your favicon that you have made it earlier.
e. You will get this code,


f. Copy the code above ( your own code) then paste it below the tag.
g. But! before that you need to copy this code first.

<link href='URL of your icon file' rel='shortcut icon'/>

h. Then paste it below the <head> tag.


Figure 2
i. Look at the Figure 2

a. Done! Look up at your address bar then you will see beside the link is your new favicon!

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